Improve Your Posture With These 6 Stylish MBT Shoes

MBT, Masai Barefoot Technology, is a shoe that features a multilayered sole to simulate walking on uneven surfaces similar to what our barefoot ancestors experienced. This strengthens and tones muscles, increases circulation, and relieves joints and muscular tension to produce a comfortable upright posture and gait. Recommended for patients with a variety of foot, leg, and spine problems, MBTs provide more shock absorption for joints and discs than regular shoes. And they’re stylish, too!

Women’s Baridi

Whether you are going out for a day of shopping with friends or running some errands, the Women’s Baridi is a fine choice. Mesh accents add appealing texture and serve as a nice complement to the plush leather construction. The velcro strap ensures stability while the slip-on design means you can simply put in your feet and you’ll be ready to go without having to mess around with time-consuming shoelaces or buckles. From the sleek appearance to the dense cushioning, this shoe perfectly demonstrates the balance between comfort and style.

Men’s Kisumu 2 Sandal

Be comfortable in warmer weather while complementing your outfit with the fresh and stylish Men’s Kisumu 2 Shoe. The snap buckle and velcro straps allow for easy access as the leather materials and plush cushioning will bring you to a whole new level of comfort. Great for casual situations like lunch with friends or going on vacation, this shoe will quickly become an essential part of your wardrobe for the spring and summer seasons. Go beyond the ordinary shoe and get one that not only improves your muscle tone and posture, but looks great too!

Women’s Tambo Boot

Be prepared this fall or winter with a boot that can be dressed up or dressed down to fit any occasion. The Women’s Tambo Boot fits that description, as it can be worn with skirts, dresses, capris, and pants. From the luxurious look and feel of suede to the deep cushioning and durable construction, this boot offers premium quality and will be a part of your wardrobe for years to come. Fashionable yet practical, this shoe offers the comfort you need along with a style you won’t want to be without.

Men’s Fanaka GORE-TEX

Finally, an orthopedic shoe disguised like a trendy sneaker! The Men’s Fanaka Gore-Tex Shoe is all-purpose footwear that you can rely on for a variety of occasions, from going to work to meeting friends for drinks. Fine stitching and slender laces accent the soft nubuck material of this finely-crafted tennis shoe. The thick sole will help you get the most out of each step, toning crucial muscles without stressing joints or discs. Get the look of a modern sneaker with the function of a specially designed shoe with this popular choice.

Women’s Habari Sandal

Purchase spring or summer footwear that can go from the office to a night on the town like the Women’s Habari Sandal. The back velcro strap will keep this sandal securely on your foot while supple leather and contrast stitching provide superior quality you can count on to last. Known for its versatility, this shoe can be worn with anything from skirts to pants and is great for a number of different situations. Offering the latest in orthopedic technology, this sandal will have you walking in a way that benefits your whole body-not just your feet!

Men’s Unono Clog

You will be walking on air with this densely padded shoe that provides the ultimate in comfort. The innovative sole will put a spring in your step while relieving muscle tension and joint aches. Precise contrast stitching boldly sits against the plush leather material while the ankle strap will help this clog stay on your foot where it belongs. Compatible with day or evening wear, this shoe will be an asset to any wardrobe. Make your next shoe purchase one that will last through years of use as well as treat your feet to a whole new way of walking with the Men’s Unono Clog.

In today’s society, the majority of the population has gotten used to walking on flat, artificial surfaces in shoes that do not provide enough support. By mimicking the barefoot walking habits of our ancestors, MBT design aims to change how we walk-one step at a time. Strengthened muscles, stress-free joints, and increased circulation are only some of the benefits provided by this revolutionary shoe.

Orthopedic patients can find relief in MBT over the traditional sneaker, sandal, and boot design while regular customers can, in many cases, stop joint and posture problems before they start. MBT’s give you more for your money, with not just an innovative design but also a durable construction of premium materials and an attractive style that will get noticed no matter where you go

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