Acid Reflux – Cure Recipes That Work!

Since Acid reflux has become one of the most common problems these days, there has been no end to the findings of some great natural recipes for curing it. There are several medications one can easily try after seeking prescription from a health care professional.

Natural recipes, especially the ones made at home are a major hit among most patients. These recipes are known to be free of side effects and also work wonders when it comes to curing acid reflux.

Prior to knowing about the recipes that work well for acid reflux, it is important to know about certain foods that would be beneficial for curing acid reflux. You need to include these in your acid reflux recipes:

a) Broccoli, Green beans, Carrots, Cabbage, Peas

b) Baked potato

c) Fresh apples, Dried apples, Bananas

d) London broil steak, Extra lean ground beef

e) Egg whites, Egg substitute

f) Skinless chicken breast

g) Fish

h) Dairy cheese, Fat free cream cheese, Fat free sour cheese

i) Multi grain bread, Cereal, Bran, Oatmeal, Corn bread, Pretzels, Graham crackers

j) Rice (Brown or white), Rice cakes

k) Filtered pure water

Here are some great acid reflux recipes:

A) Lemon chive salad dressing

This recipe include all acid reflux friendly stuff and very easy to make. This recipe is also known as an ideal acid reflux recipe. To prepare this recipe, you need to have a lemon juiced, a pinch of sea salt, three tablespoons of extra-fine sugar, six tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil, three tablespoons of minced chives and three tablespoons of freshly ground black pepper.

– Preparation

a) Mix lemon juice, salt and sugar in a bowl.

b) Whisk the mixture until the sugar and salt are dissolved.

c) Whisk in the olive oil, pepper and chives.

d) You need to keep whisking until the dressing is mixed in totally.

B) Vegetable broth

This recipe is rich in minerals. Since it is alkaline in nature, it tends to neutralize the acid and provides great relief. This recipe can be consumed as a soup or even as a stock for cooking.

– Ingredients required

a) Two cups of red skinned potato peelings

b) Celery tops (two cups)

c) Beet tops (two cups)

d) Carrots (two cups)

e) Celery stalk (three cups)

f) Small onion (one)

g) Sprig of parsley

h) Small zucchini or yellow squash (one)

i) Distilled water (two and a half quarts)

– Preparation

Chop all vegetables in to fine pieces – Pour in some water and bring it to a boil
Let it simmer for about twenty minutes – Cool the cooked vegetables
Use or strain and refrigerate – Lentils with Tex-mati brown rice

– How to prepare

Boil one pound of washed organic lentils in about 8 cups of water in large pot. Now put in some other ingredients as a bay leaf, one chopped onion, two sliced carrots, organic Tex-mati brown rice, two chopped stalks celery and three cloves of garlic (chopped). Now cover the mixture partially and reduce the heat to simmer. Stir occasionally. Remove bay leaf and thyme springs. Season with salt and pepper

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